This recruitment section of our website is undergoing exciting and dramatic change to create an interactive facility for candidates for current opportunities and which will also allow potential candidates to place their curriculum vitae details on our data base for regular review as additional opportunities arise.


We are therefore interested in receiving applications from people in the following areas:
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The Open Application section

Apart from the current available and visible occupations here, there are a range of other IT occupations within the company which arise from month to month. Placing your CV in the open application section will automatically ensure that your details are immediately reviewed in relation to these other IT positions as they arise. If your details match the criteria you will be flagged to the internal recruiter and you will be notified at the same time so that you can check if you are still available and interested.


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If you have time please check out our website – See our range of IT services which are undergoing on-going expansion.


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You see, we set out to employ great people who, from our personal experience, tend to get on well together. This creates a positive working environment where people feel comfortable, at ease, have the opportunity to learn and engage and are still technically and intellectually challenged.

We are so interested in hearing about you, what you’ve done and what you want to do.


The way we see it is as follows:

Finding excellent people is our goal, our biggest investment and more importantly, our greatest business asset.




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