About Us

A little bit of history

Our story so far

  • Westbourne IT was founded in 1994 and rebranded as Westbourne IT Global Services in 2013.
  • Our head office is based in Forge Hill, Cork, with 2 other state of the art facilities in Blackpool and Auckland, New Zealand.
  • We have over 100 employees and growing.
  • We are a customer focused organisation who believe that customer satisfaction will drive our business.
  • We forge long lasting partnerships with ‘best of breed’ technology providers and business partners to provide a quality service.
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified 

Official Opening of Blackpool offices in 2014

Why Cork?

A hub of education & technology


  • Cork is renowned for its world class third level education institutions, including UCC (University College Cork) and CIT (Cork Institute of Technology )


  • Cork is a technology hub, hosting some of the largest, multinational IT providers in the world, including EMC, VMware and Apple
  • As a result of its world class education institutions and the presence of leading multi-national companies,  the Cork region benefits from a highly skilled employee pool
  • Cork has an airport on its door step which allows ease of access to locations across Europe and the USA.

Why Auckland?


A hub of education & technology

Education and Languages

  • The city is home to a fast-growing, young, diverse and highly educated population
  • The diverse Languages available allow us to support our clients in the APAC regions

Follow the sun model

  • The workday spans the afternoon on the West Coast of the US and Asia, through to breakfast time in Europe

Ease of doing business

  • Allows us to open new markets for our services
  • Doing business in Auckland is simple and straightforward. New Zealand was voted third easiest country in the world to do business in, and joint first in the world for business integrity and transparency

Organisation Structure

How we work


Our Business

Our Core Services


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